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The best of Quality-Quest 2012 sale averages $2,340

By BARB LUMLEYColumnist Published: November 8, 2012 5:00 AM

As the registered Holstein cows entered the barn and walked to the holding pen where they would await their turn to parade the sale ring for owners Doug and Marty Dye and Family at The Best of Quality-Quest 2012 Sale, one could not help but notice the sound, well-attached udders, with so many of them high and wide in the rear. And just as the records in the sale catalog showed, they looked like milk! They would enter the sale ring exactly as they were cataloged, beginning with Lot No. 1, Quality-Quest Fancifire-ET, classified Very Good 88, sired by Ked Outside Jeeves, and the first of many members of the outstanding Firepower cow family. When the hammer fell at $4,400, she and two embryos became the property of Jay J. Hein, Celina.

The crowd would have to wait until Lot No. 15 for the sale topper at $5,100. She would be Quality-Quest Alex Rockette, classified Good Plus 84 and milking 88 pounds a day. Sired by Golden-Oaks St Alexander and from seven generations of Excellent dams that included "Roxy," the Excellent 97 4E Queen of the Breed, she sold to Spring Walk Farm, William Wachtel and Family, Big Prairie. For $4,700, Spring Walk Farm would also take home Quality-Quest Alexander Ann, Very Good 87, milking 97 pounds per day, also sired by Alexander, and from a Very Good 88 Damion daughter.

Lot No. 39 sold for $4,400 to Jake Hein, Celina, Ohio. Quality-Quest Gln Sunstruck, Very Good 85, was milking 124 pounds a day and sired by Glen-Valley BW Captain from a Very Good 87 Michael Storm Avalanche dam. Ten more animals sold for $3,000 and over. The volume buyer was Harold Leid, Greenwich, who purchased eight head for $16,500. The sale average on 78 lots was $2,340. Cattle sold to Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The sale was managed by Kiko Auctions, Canton, assisted by the Ohio Holstein Association. Randall Kiko was the auctioneer with Ted Renner reading the pedigrees. Ringmen were Rusty Kiko, Brian Garrison, Steve Deam and Don Alexander.

Spring Walk Farms, Big Prairie, Quality-Quest Alex Rockette, 6/29/09, $5,100, Sire- Golden-Oaks St Alexander-ET; Quality-Quest Alexander Ann, 6/16/09, $4,700, Sire - Golden Oaks ST Alexander-ET.

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Jay J Hein, Celina, Quality-Quest Fancifire-ET 4/06/09, $4,400, Sire -- Ked Outside Jeeves; Quality-Quest Shootingstar, 4/22/10, $3,100, Sire -- Mr Regelcreek Shot Alan.

Jake Hein, Celina, Quality-Quest Gln Sunstruck, 6/13/0, $4,400, Sire -- Glen-Valley BW Captain.

David E. Evans, Minerva, Quality-Quest Grand Omni 2/26/09, $3,900, Sire - Rauscher Mars 999 Grand-ET; Quality-Quest L Snickers-ET, 10/24/10, $2,450, Sire -- Jenny-Lou Marshall P149-ET;

Quality-Quest Lou Peacerose, 3/24/09, $2,000, Sire -- Jenny-Lou Marshall P149-ET.

James C. Beardsley, Salem, Russellway Million Eris-ET, 12/28/09, $3,700, Sire -- England-Ammon Million-ET.

Bryan E. Whinnery, Salem, Quality-Quest Popcorn Purity, 10/14/09, $3,600, Sire - True Blue Popcorn; Quality-Quest L Victory-ET, 5/20/10, $2,200, Sire -- Jenny-Lou Marshall P149-ET.

Andrew C. Dawson, Shelby, Quality-Quest Dramatc Flash, 3/28/10, $3,300, Sire -- Shadow-Ridge Dramatic; Quality-Quest B Parade, 5/25/09, $2,350, Sire - Sandy-Valley Bolton; Quality-Quest Firefriend-ET, 2/16/09, $2,200, Sire -- Ked Outside Jeeves; Quality-Quest Firefox-ET, 3/12/09, $2,200, Sire -- Ked Outside Jeeves; Quality-Quest Gln Boomerang, 12/06/08, $2,050, Sire -- Glen-Valley BW Captain; Quality-Quest Moscow Bubble, 3/06/09, $2,000, Sire - Robthom Moscow; App-Fox Never Done 136, 1/16/10, $2,000, Sire -- England- Ammon Million-ET.

Trent D. Neuenschwander, Dalton, Quality-Quest Laurin Odot, $3,100, Sire -- Den-K Marshall LL Laurin.

Daniel A. Schlabach, Dalton, Quality-Quest Ros Christine, 6/04/09, $3,100, Sire -- Plain-O Durham Ross; Quality-Quest Sensatn Jenny, 7/20/09, $3,000, Sire -- Velvet View-KJ Sensation; Quality-Quest Jayz Sunhaze, 2/13/10, $3,000, Sire - Hornland Jayz; Quality-Quest Grand Sundown, 3/02/09, $3,000, Sire - Rauscher Mars 999 Grand-ET; Quality-Quest Fire Escape, 9/12/09, $2,100, Sire -- BDGGenetics Encore-ET.

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